Medal Winners

The 2017 Chromatographic Society Medal Winners

Martin Medal
This year the prestigious Martin Medal has been awarded to Professor Andreas Manz who is one of the pioneers in microchip technology used for chemical applications.

Jubilee Medal
This year the society has awarded the Silver Jubilee Medal to Professor Ulrich Tallarek for his significant contribution to the development and understanding of fluid flow and transportation phenomena in a chromatographic system.

Recipients of the 'Martin Medal' and 'Jubilee Medal'

* Denotes a link to their biography

Year   Martin Medal Jubilee Medal
2017 Andreas Manz Ulrich Tallarek
2016 Ian Wilson * and Peter Myers * Derek Stevenson * and Emily Hilder *
2015 Pavel Jandera * Mary J. Wirth *
2014 Nobuo Tanaka * Michael Lammerhoffer *
2013 Gunther Bonn * and Frantisek Svec * Fabrice Gritti *
2012 Edward S. Yeung * Monica M. Dittman *
2011 Peter J. Schoenmakers *
2010 Peter W. Carr * Roman Szucs *
2009 Wolfgang F. Linder * Gert Desmet *
2008 David McCalley * and Luigi Mondello *
2007 Ronald E. Majors * and Johan Roeraade * Melvin Euerby *
2006 Jim Waters * Peter Myers * and Stephen Wren *
2005 Vadim A. Davankov * Kevin D. Altria *
2004 Terry Berger * Ern Dawes * and Antoine-Michel Siouffi *
2003 Jack Henion  Tom Lynch and Ian H. Mutton
2002 Paul R. Haddad and Werner Engewald Chris R. Lowe and Nobuo Tanaka *
2001 John M. Ramsay Marie-Claire Hennion and David Perrett
2000 Klaus Mosbach and William S. Hancock K Albert and P.J Marriot
1999 H Poppe and Geoffrey Eglinton FRS G. Nickless
1998 A. Zlatkis Roger M. Smith and Janus Pawliszyn
1997 Will Jennings and Joseph J. Kirkland M Martin and Colin F. Simpson
1996 Milton L. Lee Patrick Camilleri
1995 Milos Novothy and S. Terabe Norman Smith and Jeremy Nicholson
1994 Pat Sandra and Csaba Horvath W.G. Kuhr and Ian Wilson
1993 H Engelhardt, F.E Regnier and Klaus K Unger B.J Clark
1992 I Wainer and James W. Jorgenson Karen Markides
1991 D.E. Games, B.L Karger, D Armstrong and D.H Desty Colin F Poole, C.M Riley, David Goodall and Wolfgang Linder
1990 E Jellum, William Pirkle and C.A.M.G Cramers H Lingeman, Keith D. Bartle and J. Albages
1989 J Berridge, Peter Schoenmakers and E.D. Morgan
1988 J. Hermasson
1986 Jon C. Giddings, U.A.Th Brinkman, J Huber, R.E. Kaiser and Lloyd Snyder H. Colin
1985 E Kovats and John Knox
1984 C.E.R. Jones and A.L. Liberti
1983 G Schomburg and R Stock
1982 Edward R. Adlard, L.S. Ettre, C.S.G. Phillips and R.P.W Scott R Tijssen Grob Jr and P.J Simmonds
1980 G.A.P Tuey and Georges Guichon
1978 E. Bayer and C.E.H Knapman