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1 05, 2014

ChromSoc Jubilee Medal 2014 Winner Michael Lammerhofer

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Professor Michael Lämmerhofer of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Tübingen has been awarded the 2014 Chromatographic Society Jubilee Medal for his important contribution to the development of chromatographic science. The broad range of his research - from the development of functionalised separation materials (in particular chiral stationary phases) through to bioanalytical separations

1 05, 2014

ChromSoc Martin Medal 2014 Winner Nobuo Tanaka

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Professor Tanaka’s research is truly multidisciplinary. His work spans research on highly selective stationary phases, isotope separation and separations based on isotopic chirality, separation mechanism elucidation, multidimensional separations and biological separations. He contributed to the development of the monolithic silica rod column which was commercialised by Merck in 2000 and is widely used in