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Challenges in Small Molecule Analysis in the Pharmaceutical Industry The Chromatographic Society spring symposium meeting Report

The full report can be accessed by clicking the link below: Challenges in Small Molecule Analysis in the Pharmaceutical Industry Day one (19th May 2022) Session 1- Small Molecule Analysis – Pharmaceuticals : the application of HTS to finding new drugs. The ChromSoc spring symposium began with a welcome address from Tony Edge (current

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BMSS41 – Student Conference Report

BMSS41 – Student Conference Report Claire Vassallo, Current Masters Student at York University, specialising in Green Chemistry: After spending a year working between finishing my undergraduate degree and starting the postgraduate course, I was very grateful to attend the BMSS annual conference held at Sheffield Hallam University. I enjoyed seeing the work being presented

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CHROMSOC MultiDimensional Chromatography CHROMCOM Report 280220

 SCIENTIFIC REPORT FOR PUBLICATION IN CHROMCOMAn overview of the importance and utility of multi-dimensional separation methods.Multidimensional Liquid Chromatography:  a growing addition to separation science technology.By Christina Jayne Vanhinsbergh, PhD researcher in 2D-LC, University of Sheffield.Many industries rely heavily on liquid chromatographic separations for the analysis of molecular products, active pharmaceutical ingredients, reaction components

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HPLC 2019 ChromSoc Student Bursary Report C. Vanhinsbergh

HPLC2019 Conference Report Christina Vanhinsbergh HPLC 2019 (Milan, 16-20 June 2019) Christina Jayne Vanhinsbergh PhD, University of Sheffield My name is Christina and I am a PhD student at the University of Sheffield, UK. I work within the Chemical and Biological Engineering department of the University within Professor Mark Dickman’s research group. I am

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Emerging Separation Technologies 2019 ChromSoc Student Bursary Report S. Yarima

Emerging Separation Technologies 2019 - with RSC Burlington House, 28th March 2019 Salma I Yarima, School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Sunderland, Sunderland SR1 3SD I am a current PHD research student at the University of Sunderland. My research interest is in the area of method development in separation science, looking into

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2018 ChromSoc Summer Studentship Bursary Report

An Investigation into the effect of Steric Hindrance on Amide by-product formation by Nitrilase Mr D Jolley, Prof JJB Perry, Dr G Turnbull Department of Applied Sciences, Northumbria University Nitrilase enzymes are known to catalyse the hydrolysis of organic nitriles to carboxylic acids, however in certain cases amide may be detected in reaction mixtures,(1, 2)

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Reid 2018 ChromSoc Student Bursary Report C. Vanhinsbergh

International Reid Bioanalytical Forum - Analysis of Large Molecules using Chromatography Burlington House, 27th September 2018 Christina Jayne Vanhinsbergh PhD, University of Sheffield It is a lovely September morning as I walk into the Royal Society of Chemistry in London Piccadilly. I am always taken aback by the building and courtyard, with its figurehead above

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