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Emerging Separations Technologies, 24-25th May 2023

Emerging Separations Technologies Wednesday-Thursday 24-25th May 2023 RSC Burlington House, Piccadilly London, W1J 0BA, UK Dear Vendor/Member, We would like to bring to your attention a one and half day meeting organised by the Chromatographic Society and the Separations Science Group of the Analytical Division of the Royal Society of Chemistry, entitled “Emerging Separations

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Recent Advances in GC – 28th September 2023

Recent Advances in Gas Chromatography 28th September 2023 Science and Industry Museum, Manchester As we move to increasingly difficult sample matrices and challenging separations, more is demanded of Gas Chromatography in terms of separation and limits of detection. This meeting addresses the latest GC solutions alongside emerging new approaches to analytical problems. The meeting

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34th International Symposium on Chromatography – ISC 2024

ISC2024 Liverpool, UK from 6-10 October 2024 The International Symposium on Chromatography (ISC) represents the oldest conference series focussing on separation science. ISC symposia have been organised since 1956 in each even year. ISC is internationally recognised as one of the premier meeting series for discussion of all modes of chromatography and separation science

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Grass Roots 6: 18th -21st August, Ambleside

In October 2016, as part of the Society’s Diamond anniversary celebrations, The Chromatographic Society held its first Grass Roots event in Grasmere in the Lake District. The course focussed on teaching the fundamentals of liquid chromatography to graduate students and novice chromatographers from industry. The event hosted over twenty attendees. The event was such

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18th-22nd June HPLC 2023

The HPLC symposium series is known as the world leading conference on liquid phase separations and related technologies. Its program covers all aspects of separation sciences in liquid and supercritical fluid phases as well as hyphenation with advanced detection technologies in particular mass spectrometry. The program will span from fundamentals and theory of chromatographic

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ChromSoc Events for 2023

Please find attached a summary of ChromSoc Events for 2023 which includes the Emerging Technologies at Burlington House (May), Grass Root 6 for new comers to Chromatography (August), and Recent Advances in GC at the Science and Industry Museum (September). Please click the link to find the full list. Events for 2023

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CHROMSOC MultiDimensional Chromatography CHROMCOM Report 280220

 SCIENTIFIC REPORT FOR PUBLICATION IN CHROMCOMAn overview of the importance and utility of multi-dimensional separation methods.Multidimensional Liquid Chromatography:  a growing addition to separation science technology.By Christina Jayne Vanhinsbergh, PhD researcher in 2D-LC, University of Sheffield.Many industries rely heavily on liquid chromatographic separations for the analysis of molecular products, active pharmaceutical ingredients, reaction components

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