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BMSS41 – Student Conference Report

BMSS41 – Student Conference Report Claire Vassallo, Current Masters Student at York University, specialising in Green Chemistry: After spending a year working between finishing my undergraduate degree and starting the postgraduate course, I was very grateful to attend the BMSS annual conference held at Sheffield Hallam University. I enjoyed seeing the work being presented

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Obituary Pavel Jandera

An Innovative Chromatographer, Remembering the late Pavel Jandera It is with great sadness the Society has been informed that Professor Pavel Jandera passed away on the 5th August 2021. Pavel was born on 1st April 1944 in the city of Hradec Králové in the Czech Republic. Pavel was Professor in Analytical Chemistry at the

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Obituary Jim Waters

Remembering the late Jim Waters and his pioneering instrumental legacy By: Dr Tony Edge, President of The Chromatographic Society and Dr. Christopher Bevan, former President of The Chromatographic Society It is with great sadness that The Chromatographic Society heard the news on 17th May announcing the passing of one of the great founding fathers

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New Appointment ChromSoc Membership Officer C. Vanhinsbergh

Meet Christina the newest member to our committee. Christina is a PhD student at the University of Sheffield and partnered with GSK. She is researching two-dimensional LC-MS approaches for the analysis of oligonucleotide therapeutics. Her background has been focused on analysis of biomolecules, such as proteins and nucleic acids and has previously developed assays within

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2018 ChromSoc Summer Studentship Bursary Report

An Investigation into the effect of Steric Hindrance on Amide by-product formation by Nitrilase Mr D Jolley, Prof JJB Perry, Dr G Turnbull Department of Applied Sciences, Northumbria University Nitrilase enzymes are known to catalyse the hydrolysis of organic nitriles to carboxylic acids, however in certain cases amide may be detected in reaction mixtures,(1, 2)

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Obituary Lloyd Snyder

On the 20th September 218 Dr Lloyd Snyder passed awayat the age of 87. He was a true giant in the field of separation science and will be greatly missed.Dr Snyder received The Chromatographic Society Martin Medal in 1986 for his numerous pioneering contributions to separation science. Snyder was born in 1931 and was a

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New website launches

A big thank you to Crouch End Media for developing the new Chromsoc website. It is responsive which means that it’s easier to view on mobile devices and tablets. Our forums, blog and events calendar are new additions to the website so we hope you like them. We welcome your feedback so please let

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Obituary Prof. Michael Cooke

The Scientific Achievements of Prof. Michael Cooke Michael Cooke has made a very significant contribution to the scientific literature and to the applications of analytical chemistry to problems of environmental pollution, structural elucidation of metal complexes and determination of various pharmaceutical compounds in biological fluids.   Prof Cooke has been a pioneering innovator in gas and

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