chromsoc chris bevan

Events coordinator

Chris is a former Group Leader of Physicochemical Characterisation at GSK, he is now retired and working part time as the Chromsoc’s Events Coordinator.  He has been a ChromSoc committee member for well over 30 years and was it’s ‘Hon Sec’ initially and then served as its longest serving President.

His scientific interests have covered all the scales of separation science from the miniaturised capillary based analytical to large scale preparative purification systems. As head of the Physchem team at GSK he used and developed chromatographic properties to help characterise novel compounds.  His publications have been in the fields of Nuclear radiochemistry, trace element determinations in the marine environment, HPLC, SFC, CE, CZE, Prep-LC, laser nephelometry, Hydrophobicity, CHI,LogD/P, and Solubility.

His patents have included development of miniaturisedswitching techniques tofacilitate the analysis of very small samples, and the automated determination of pKa. Chris has been the primary organiser for a variety of Chromsoc symposia and these have ranged from the “BIG Prep” and TRIAD series to the oligonucleotide and biochemical focussed meetings held at big pharmaceutical company sites.

He was a representative member of the EuSSS for many years and steered the society into liaising with Europe. He has also represented the Society on many of the ISC series, HPCE and HPLC series and presented medals on their behalf at international symposia. Chris’s hobbies include astronomy and architecture and he is currently Speaker Secretary for PROBUS, a charitable society of professionals and businessmen.

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