ChromSoc Invitation for Medal Nominations 2018

ChromSoc Invitation for Medal Nominations 2018

Each year the Chromatographic Society acknowledges the scientific achievements of respected members of the chromatographic community through the award of one of two medals.

The first is the ‘Martin Medal’ which is awarded to scientists who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of separation science. Professor A.J.P. Martin gave permission to the Chromatographic Society for his name to be associated with the ‘Martin Medal’ in 1978.Previous winners include the likes of Prof John Knox (University of Edinburgh), Prof. Pat Sandra (University of Gent), Prof. Wolfgang Lindner (University of Vienna), Prof. Peter Myers (Liverpool University), Prof. Ian Wilson (Imperial College) and this year Professor Jean-Luc Veuthey from the University of Geneva.

The second medal we award is the ‘Jubilee Medal’. Instituted in 1982 to mark the 25th anniversary of the Society, the ‘Jubilee Medal’ is awarded to up-and-coming separation scientists, those who have made major use of separation science in their own field or to scientists who have made meritorious contributions to a particular area of separation science. Most recently it has been awarded to Dr Davy Guillarme from the University of Geneva, previous winners include Prof Mary Wirth (Purdue University),Professor Emily Hilder (University of South Australia) and Dr Derek Stevenson (Surrey University).

A full list of medal winners can be found in the link below.

We are now looking for nominations for these medals for award in 2019. We would like to encourage you, as our membership, to vote for a chromatographer you feel is deserving of either the Martin or Jubilee medal. Only a brief synopsis of your proposed candidate is required with an outline of their contribution to the field of separation science. We will be able to collate further information should the candidate receive additional support from other members.

Please return the attached nomination form no later than 1st September

Post: The Chromatographic Society, C/O SAS Event Management, The Old George Brewery, Rollestone Street, Salisbury SP1 1DX

Kind Regards

Alan Handley

List of Medal Winners


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