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The event will be held in the Reid culture and spirit, as it has for 46 years, in that it will encourage a wide variety of bioanalytical scientist to discuss their challenges, some of which they have overcome and some of which they are still searching for answers too. Bringing together scientists from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences to form a community throughout the meeting has always been a Reid core value, allowing scientists at the start of their careers to network and communicate with those of us that have been around long enough to be able to say, ‘in my day.’

The meeting will kick-off with a session entitled ‘Bioanalysis of the Future’ and we have the pleasure of hosting a plenary lecture from Professor Perdita Barran, the Chair of Mass Spectrometry at the University of Manchester (UK). She will give us some insights in the work undertaken by her group, with a focus on bioanalytical solutions. The session will then continue looking beyond the standard bioanalysis we use daily and look at some of the newer challenges, which we see in the exciting area of gene and cell therapy. Other sessions for the week include a focus on regulatory matters, developing the next generation of bioanalytical scientists and the impact of bioanalysis.

The meeting will as usual combine an excellent diverse scientific program with an exciting social schedule to bring delegates together in the Reid community – with the aim that by the time everyone leaves they have met everyone at the meeting and hopefully know everyone’s name. The social schedule will kick-off with a European themed quiz night on the 23rd September to give people the chance to get to meet on arrival at the venue and then an offsite dinner (venue to be confirmed) in Cambridge on the 24th September with some time for sight-seeing. The formal conference dinner will be held in the venue on the 25th September, which we promise will be an entertaining night as we celebrate bioanalysis.


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