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Event Overview:

Do you think GC is a “mature” technique? There is a general perception that gas chromatography (GC) and the various forms of detection that are used with this technique have developed to the point where it is now a “mature” technology, but GC practitioners know that there are many new challenges to face and that new solutions are required to overcome longstanding issues.

This virtual symposium, organized by the Chromatographic Society (ChromSoc) and LCGC, will focus on areas of GC where the sample complexity, the requirements for highly accurate measurements, the sensitivity requirements imposed by regulators, and the need to push scientific discovery force GC users to look with fresh eyes on this supposedly “mature” technique. The highly respected international speakers will bring a fresh perspective on almost every aspect of GC in the vapour phase and the virtual symposium will maintain the high reputation that this bi-annual meeting has established over many years.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Modern approaches to achieving ultratrace detection limits in GC and GC–MS are revealed
  • The use of GC and GCxGC with high-resolution MS for complex sample screening will be discussed
  • Learn about advanced techniques for sample preparation and enrichment for qualitative and quantitative analysis

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ChromSoc Advances in Gas Chromatography: A Virtual Symposium (on24.com)


Who Should Attend:

  • Anyone working with GC who wants to understand the very latest approaches to achieving ultratrace analyte quantitation, sample preparation, and enrichment for complex matrices and reducing error in quantitative GC analysis.


12pm BST = 7am EDT
Symposium Introduction

Tony Taylor, Arch Sciences Group, UK

12:30pm BST = 7:30am EDT
High Resolution GC–MS and GC×GC–MS with Advanced Data Processing for Investigative Compositional Analysis

Hans-Gerd Janssen, Unilever and Wageningen University, The Netherlands

 1:10pm BST = 8:10am EDT
Technology Session 1
Hydrogen Carrier Gas for Fast GC: Choosing the right setup for your GC

Ed Connor, Product Manager, PEAK Scientific

1:25pm BST = 8:25am EDT
Derivatization and Traceable Quantification—A Match Made in Hell?

Chris Hopley, LGC’s National Measurement Laboratory, UK

2:05pm BST = 9:05am EDT
Technology Session 2
Low-Pressure Gas Chromatography (LPGC)–The Fast Way to Your Pesticide Analysis

Dr. Jana Hepner, Applications Scientist, Restek  

2.20pm BST = 9:20am EDT
Meeting the Analytical Challenges of Environmental Monitoring for the Water Framework Directive: Quantifying a Drop (or Two) in the Ocean

John Quick, ALS Environmental, UK

3pm BST = 10am EDT
Technology Session 3
VICI Fast Temperature Programmer Methods and Applications

Dale Ashworth, Product Manager Analytical Systems, VICI

3:15pm BST = 10:15am EDT
Is the E&L Community Ready to Move Away from Conventional Large Volume Liquid–Liquid Extraction and Solvent Evaporation?

Mike Hodgson, Baxter, UK

3:55pm BST = 10:55am EDT
Technology Session 4
Raise the Bar of Trace Analysis: Simultaneous high quality target and non-target data are within reach

Liz Humston-Fulmer, Application Chemist, LECO Corporation

4:10pm EDT = 11:10am EDT
Combining Automated Green and Exhaustive Enrichment Techniques with 1D GC–TOF–MS for Untargeted Aroma Profiling of Food/Beverages and Consumer Products in QA/QC Industrial Laboratories

Tatiana Cucu, Research Institute of Chromatography

4:50pm BST = 11:50am EDT
Technology Session 5

5:05pm BST = 12:05pm EDT
Technology Session 6

5:20pm BST = 12:20pm EDT
Panel Discussion