Separation Science: Driving Pharmaceutical Development and Manufacture

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This meeting due to be held on November 22nd 2018 has been rescheduled for 9th May 2019 and will now feature in the Chromatographic Society calendar of events for 2019 as the Chromatographic Society Annual Spring Symposium.

The programme will involve presentations from academics and pharmaceutical industry analysts on the UK development and manufacturing context, the scope of applications, the role of pharmacopoeia, effective use of LC in QC / bioanalysis / biopharmaceuticals and examples of the use of modern LC technology in development and manufacture. However, ahead of the meeting analytical scientists supporting pharmaceutical development and manufacture were invited to comment on the most important unmet analytical needs they are facing. Arising from this, for the main part of the afternoon session, speakers andin particular vendors will be set the task of demonstrating how the following identified challenges might be met:

  • The sheer number and variety of molecular entities coming through development and manufacture
  • The range and variety of formulations now being encountered
  • The need for automation in sample preparation for development and manufacture
  • Making greater utilisation of preparative LC in pharmaceutical development and manufacture

These themes will take up a large part of the afternoon session and the close of the meeting a panel / audience discussion will be held to consider whether these challenges are being satisfactorily addressed.


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