Seperation Science: Driving Pharmaceutical Development and Manufacture

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Preliminary Announcement:

On November 22nd this year the Chromatographic Society, in conjunction with the RSC Analytical Division North East Region, returns for a meeting that promises to be a little different. Often the focus is on introducing new chromatographic innovations to pharmaceutical researchers. On this occasion, to reflect the enduring strength of pharmaceutical development and manufacture in the UK, a different standpoint will be taken. The unmet analytical challenges facing these areas of the industry will be explored and emerging technologies reviewed to assess those that potentially offer the best solutions for the immediate future. Ahead of the meeting analytical scientists supporting pharmaceutical development and manufacture will be invited to comment on the most important unmet analytical needs they are facing, with a view to speakers including vendors responding at the meeting.

For initial enquiries contact:
Scientific Programme (let us know about your most challenging unmet analytical needs)
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