Sports drug testing – The past, present and future.
The role of patient (athlete) centric sampling

23rd April 2024

We will briefly describe drug testing in sport, the role of urine and blood and how dried blood samples (DBS) is playing an increasing role.

​Drug testing in sport began in the 1960 when urine was the only body fluid collected. As instrument sensitivity improved, the number of substances increased and smaller concentrations needed to be detected. This resulted in very little change to the sample collection approach. Blood samples were not collected until the Olympic Games in Sydney in 2000 and it is in the last few years that DBS have been accepted.

​​​​​​​​Much work is underway to increase the scope of DBS testing. Join in the Webinar to get the fuller story.

The Chromatographic Society Spring Symposium 2024
The Impact of Separation Science of Pharmaceutical R&D – and beyond!

Booking will soon be available. Watch this space…

12-13th June 2024 at Hope Street Exchange, Sunderland, SR1 3SD, UK

THE big event for The Chromatographic Society in 2024 will be ISC2024, to be held in Liverpool in early October  However, before that, it will be ChromSoc Spring Symposium time once again. Like the immediately post-Covid Spring Symposium held at Chester Racecourse in the North West of England in 2022, the Society once more will be taking time to head out to its roots, so to speak, with “The Impact of Separation Science on Pharmaceutical R&D, and beyond” being held at Hope Street Exchange, Sunderland in the North East of England.

This meeting follows in the footsteps of a series of such meetings in the North East of England over the years, on this occasion, “and beyond” reflecting the strength of pharmaceutical manufacturing in the North East region and also the significant impact separation science has on the lifetime of the drug between release from a manufacturing site to being taken by the patient. As such, the meeting, in a sense, complements the Society’s “The Chromatographic (Analytical) method life cycle 2023 – From cradle to grave II“ meeting held in London last October. Rather than following the lifetime of an analytical method, we will be following the lifecycle of the drug and how it is influenced at each stage by separation science. As such, the meeting will feature talks, posters and exhibition with information relevant to the impact of separation science on Drug Discovery, Pre-Clinical Development, Clinical Development. Pharmaceutical manufacturing and drug use post-release. There will also be some coverage of regulatory aspects, adoption of new technologies and emerging technologies.

Registration will open in early March. In the meantime, for enquiries regarding speaker, post presenter or exhibitor opportunities, contact

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