chromsoc industrial bursaries

Currently the Society provides bursaries to help the academic and student population to UK events.

There is however a growing population of young and novice chromatographers/separation scientists working in small to medium companies who can find it difficult to get full financial support to attend scientific meetings. The Chromatographic Society with the help of the PASG has set up a bursary/travel grant scheme specifically to help those from industry.

A number of bursaries are available to attend Chromatographic /Separation Science meetings held in the UK.

The scheme will target young or less experienced chromatographers /separation scientists currently working in UK based pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies and will help cover the costs of both travel and conference/event fees. Due to the size of the funds available and the desire to maximise the term of this fund, it will be limited to events organised within the UK.

Successful applicants will also be offered a free two year membership of the Society.

The exact amount we will have available to fund bursaries is reviewed annually, but we have an ongoing commitment to do more to support industrial separation scientists and therefore will strive to make available a sum sufficient to meet expected demand.

Take us up on our offer and we’ll look forward to meeting you at one of our events this year. You’ll benefit from the social and networking opportunities as well as from the quality of the science.