chromsoc john lough

Ordinary Member


  • Chair of the Student Bursaries

Through his strong pharmaceutical industry background built on his research and professional activities and early career, John Lough’s work at the University of Sunderland has been characterised by activities that enhance student employability. He was very closely associated with the University’s highly regarded, pioneering BSc Chemical and Pharmaceutical Science programme. During a period of ‘modernisation’ of teaching provision he played a major role in the continuation of pharmaceutical sciences at undergraduate level through the BSc BioPharmaceutical Sciences programme and designed and subsequently led the MSc Drug Discovery and Development programme.

He has also found time for >80 research publications, >100 invited external presentations, 31 successful PhD supervisions and editing or co-editing 5 books (“Chiral Liquid Chromatography”, Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Applications of Liquid Chromatography”, HPLC: Fundamental Principles and Practices”, “Chirality in the Natural and Applied Sciences” and “Drug Stereochemistry (3rd Edition)”). He is a longstanding member of the British Pharmacopoeia Expert Advisory Group MC1, has delivered short courses nationally and internationally, consulted on chiral patent cases in North America, chaired the 8th International Symposium on Chiral Discrimination (1996) and served on 7 other international symposium committees.

For The Chromatographic Society he has carried out a wide range of duties including organising or co-organising 21 national 1- or 2- day symposia, chairing the 8th International on Chiral Discrimination (1996) and serving as Editor of the Chromatographic Society Bulletin (1992-1997), Treasurer (2000-2006), President (2007-2009), contributing editor to Chromatography Today (2007-2016) and is, by now, something of a Society historian.

Current Society duties: publications sub-group, medals award sub-group, old guy with knowledge of rules and historical precedences.

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