chromsoc mark portsmouth

Publicity Officer

Mark began his career in GLP bioanalysis before transferring into Chemistry support at AstraZeneca Charnwood. His analytical chemistry interests include Open Access methodology for analysis and purification and chiral separations.

He was a co-founder of CombiPure, a CRO specialising in High Throughput technologies where he was Head of Analysis and Purification before joining Galapagos in Belgium to set up their Analytical Chemistry platform, including ADME analysis. From 2007-2016 he was Head of Analytical Chemistry at Takeda Cambridge responsible for Compound Management and QC, Medicinal Chemistry support, Physical Chemistry, ADME and bioanalysis.

Since December 2016, Mark has been running his own business, Discovery Analytical Consulting based in Cambridge, providing a mixture of consulting services in Analytical Chemistry applied to Drug Discovery, practical Physical Chemistry measurements and software solutions that support networked models of R&D.

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