Immediate Past President


  • Vice President, Chair of the Medals Committee (2009-2014)
  • Chair of the John Dolphin Fellowship fund (2009-2011)
  • Ordinary Member (2006-2009)

Paul has worked in the pharmaceutical industry since 1999.  He is a separation science specialist in a multinational pharmaceutical company, working on both small and medium size (small peptides and oligonucleotide) therapies.

Paul has particular interests in UHPLC, SFC, CE, chiral separations, formulated drug sample preparation, green analytical chemistry and method development over a range of separation techniques.

Paul is a past winner of the Desty Memorial lecture prize (2002), a Fellow and Chartered Chemist in the RSC and is a visiting lecturer at Kings College London where he has lectured on the MSc Analytical Science for Industry course since its inception in 2009.

He has organised or co-organised a number of meetings for The Chromatographic Society, his first being the ChromSoc 50th celebration meeting at Pfizer in 2006 and the latest the 2016 Advances in Microcolumn and Related Separation Technologies’ and ‘Grassroots” young chromatographer educational event.

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