The Committee

The Committee2018-05-22T11:35:11+00:00

Tony Edge

alan handley

Alan Handley
Acting Vice-President / Chair of the Medals award committee


Tony Taylor
Honorary Secretary

Greg Jonas
Honorary Treasurer / Chair of the John Dolphin Fellowship fund

Paul Ferguson
Immediate Past President

chromsoc chris bevan

Chris Bevan
Events coordinator

chromsoc adrian clarke

Adrian Clarke
Society outreach coordinator

Roman Szucs
Society outreach / Multimedia support

chromsoc mel euerby

Mel Euerby
Education officer

chromsoc heather linnell

Heather Linnell
Editor of ChromCom

chromsoc john lough

John Lough
Publishing coordinator

Helen Poole
Industrial representative

chromsoc karen rome

Karen Rome
Karen Rome Academic Support Officer / Student awards coordinator / Website and multimedia coordinator

Peter Ridgway
Membership Officer

chromsoc mark portsmouth

Mark Portsmouth
Publicity Officer

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