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Anatune are a Leading Solutions Provider for Automated Analytical Instruments, Applications and Customer Support for GC-MS and LC-MS Analysts and Laboratories

Agilent Technologies

Website: agilent.com

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Mass Spec Solutions for Chemical Biology.

Website: advion.com

Biopharma Group

  • Exclusive distributors in both the UK and Ireland for Sepiatec (prep-chromatography instruments)
  • Sepiatec have a global reputation as a first class separation solutions provider with great expertise in the field of Preparative SFC and HPLC
    • Amassing over 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, natural products, food and chemical sectors
  • The no compromise equipment from Sepiatec simplifies and speeds the preparative SFC process
    • Sepiatec systems cover the full range of separation needs with system capability in the mg to gram range
  • To support your separation programme, the Septimax SFC/HPLC method screening system offers parallel injections on to 8 columns, this dramatically speeds method development program
    • Increases in throughput is combined with supporting software to display 80 traces, thus enabling rapid identification of the optimal separation for each compound
  •  The quality and practicality of these systems is reflected in the extensive use by industry leading pharmaceutical, research institutions, and contract separation companies

website: http://www.biopharma.co.uk

For prep-chromatography: https://biopharma.co.uk/sepiatec-preparative-chromatography/

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Chromatography Direct Ltd

Chromatography Direct (formed in 2013 by industry experts with over 60 years experience collectively in the Chromatography and Mass Spec market) are a developer, manufacturer and distributor for Chromatography Direct branded consumables as well offer a portfolio of leading brands of chromatography products exclusively in the UK.

The knowledge and experience gained over many years has enabled the company to provide a vast range of consumables together at prices never available before. This also allows the company to offer custom manufactured consumables including Maximum Recovery Vials (MRV), Modus LC, UPLC and Flash columns and the Certus range of instrument parts.

“Chromatography Direct buy from the manufacturers allowing ourcustomers to benefit from high quality consumables at unrivalled prices”

Website: chromatographydirect.com

Fortis Technologies

Website: forties-technologies.com

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KRSS Ltd is the largest independent mass spec and chromatography sales & service company in the UK/Europe and Asia.

Markes International

Website: markes.com

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Reach Separations

Website: reachseparations.com

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YMC Europe GmbH

YMC offers a wide range of innovative chromatography products, which includes UHPLC/HPLC columns (YMC-Triart), BioLC columns(BioPro HIC/IEX), chiral columns (immobilised/coated CHIRAL ART), bulk media for preparative chromatography, glass columns for MPLC and pilot columns. In addition, YMC provides an on-demand service for application support and method development.

This product range, developed and engineered in YMC facilities, is available worldwide supported by dedicated YMC product specialists. YMC’s extensive distribution network guarantees availability of all YMC products in countries all over the world.

Website: ymc.de

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