Award Winners

Winner of the 2020 Chromatographic Society Jubilee Medal Professor Deirdre Cabooter

To mark its 25th anniversary in 1982, The Chromatographic Society created the Silver Jubilee Medal.  The purpose of this award is to recognise up-and-coming separation scientists, those who have made major use of separation science in their own field or to scientists who have made important contributions to a particular area of separation science.

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Winner of the 2020 Chromatographic Society Martin Medal Professor Gert Desmet

Each September The Chromatographic Society executive awards committee convenes to discuss the award of their Jubilee and Martin medals for the following year.  The Martin Medal is named after Professor A.J.P. Martin who together with Richard Synge received the Noble Prize for Chemistry in 1952 for their seminal work on partition chromatography. The ‘Martin

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ChromSoc Jubilee Medal 2021 Prof. Dwight Stoll (interview)

Dwight Stoll is a full professor at the Gustavus Adolphus university in Minnesota. Most widely recognized for his world leading research in the development of 2D-LC the ChromSoc is proud to award Dwight Stoll the Jubilee medal for his achievements so far and look forward to his future accomplishments. Daniel Meston had the opportunity

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ChromSoc Jubilee Medal 2021 Prof. Caroline West (interview)

Prof. Caroline West is an Associate professor at the Université d'Orléans in France. Prof. West focuses primarily on Supercritical Fluid chromatography and has been awarded the Jubilee medal (2021) for her splendid contributions to the field. Daniel Meston was able to get an opportunity to discuss her past and present in this ChromSoc interview.

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Ted Adlard Award

The new Ted Adlard award is now within the awards section. The Ted Adlard Industrial Bursary Award is given by the Chromatographic society to support up and coming scientists working for SMEs (small to medium sized enterprises) in industry. It is named after the great Ted Adlard was one of the world’s

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ChromSoc Invitation for Medal Nominations 2020

Each year the Chromatographic Society acknowledges the scientific achievements of respected members of the chromatographic community through the award of The Martin Medal and the Jubilee Medal. We are now looking for nominations for award in 2010. We would like to encourage you, as our membership, to vote for a chromatographer you feel is

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ChromSoc Jubilee Medal 2019 Winner Frederic Lynen

The Chromatographic Society is pleased to announce the award of the Jubilee Medal to Professor Frederic Lynen from the Ghent University in recognition of his “pioneering work on novel column chemistry, sample preparation and high- end implementation of state-of-the-art instrumentation to address separation problems in both quantitative and qualitative analysis”. Frederic Lynen began his academic

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ChromSoc Martin Medal 2019 Winner Robert Kennedy

The Chromatographic Society is now pleased to announce that Professor Robert Kennedy from the University of Michigan will be awarded the Martin Medal for 2019. The award has been made in recognition of his “outstanding contribution to the development of innovative techniques in miniaturization of chemical separations and microfluidics for highly sensitive analysis of biological

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ChromSoc List of Medal Winners

Martin Medal The Martin Medal was established in 1978. As the Society's prestigious scientific award, it is to be given to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of separation science. Jubilee Medal The Chromatographic Society established The Jubilee Medal during their 25th anniversary year 1982, it is awarded to up-and-coming separation scientists.

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